Powerful insights you didn’t know you could know.

Invisible Insights revolutionizes
the way you connect with your guests.

Invisible Insights is a new service for restaurants and bars
that unlocks the data flowing through their point-of-sale system.

For the first time, restaurants and bars can seamlessly track
and analyze their customer’s visits, purchases, and preferences,
to power target marketing and build true loyalty.

And it works without any changes to your operations or
customer experience—that’s the “invisible” part.

No Hassles. You’re Already Set Up.
Getting started is super easy. There’s no software, hardware, training,
or integration required. And there’s no set up or data to input. Invisible
Insights works with your existing POS system or payment terminal,
so there is no additional work for you or your customers.
Previously unknowable
marketing insights, customer insights, server insights, menu insights, sales insights