Powerful insights you didn’t know you could know.

This seems too simple, and I have questions!

What is Invisible Insights?

The core of Invisible Insights is a powerful, ground-breaking tool that gives food and beverage merchants unprecedented insights about customers, servers and menu items. We unlock your customer payment data that Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express have been hoarding for their own loyalty programs. These analytics combine with equally powerful loyalty and marketing solutions to attract new customers, retain existing ones, and grow your sales.

What type of business is Invisible Insights best suited for?

We work with merchants of all types, but focus on the food and beverage industry—
restaurant (from quick service to fine dining), coffee shop, bar, lounge or nightclub. And from independent cafés to large multi-location restaurant chains.

My POS system already does this. Why do I need your system?

Not to toot our own horn (okay, maybe a little bit), but you don’t already have access to the type of data that we can provide. Our customer and menu insights are the richest and most powerful currently available. We’ll show you who your customers are, how often they visit, what they buy, and more.
Here are a just a couple of examples: We can tell you what percentage of your customers last month were new vs repeat. We can also tell you which dish on your menu is responsible for converting the highest percentage of new customers into repeat customers. (sometimes it’s a hidden gem) These are insights that were previously unknowable.
And we are not a competitor to your POS system. We seamlessly integrate with your existing POS as an invisible layer that gives you priceless customer insights, a powerful loyalty program, and a whole lot more. Check out the Benefits.

Does Invisible Insights work with my existing POS system or terminal?

Absolutely. Invisible Insights seamlessly integrates with all major POS systems
including Micros, Aloha, Positouch, Squirrel, HotSauce and many more. We also support newer tablet-based (iPad) POS systems. It works without any changes to your operations or customer experience.

Is Invisible Insights really simple to setup and use?

YES! We created the systems so you can focus on your business. There is no software, hardware or integration required. And no staff training is needed.

Does Invisible Insights support multiple locations?

Yes. Whether you own multiple locations with the same brand, or just own and operate different businesses, you can manage them all from within one account.

Can I control who on my staff sees specific information and reports?

Yes. User permissions allow you to:
-share insights across your team with customizable permission settings
-limit access to single or multiple locations so your staff can easily see the information they need and nothing more
-protect sensitive information by restricting access to specific reports and financials.

How does Invisible Insights provide me with data about my customers?

Invisible Insights unlocks the transaction data that is already flowing through your business. We democratize this transaction data and make it available to merchants for the first time. We’ll show not only who your customers are, but how often they visit, what they buy, their preferences, and more—insights so amazingly powerful, you may question whether they are legal!

What makes Invisible Insights…invisible?

We are invisible to your patrons in that we provide you with valuable customer insights without the need for them to participate. Some people have referred to this as Google Glass for business. And we are invisible to you in the sense that there is no hardware or software to install. We seamlessly integrate with your existing systems and provide you with powerful cloud-based tools.

What’s the benefit of switching from my existing payment processor?

Invisible Insights provides you with extremely powerful analytics, loyalty and marketing tools to help you better understand your customers and grow your business. Whereas your current processor simply provides you with the ability to accept credit cards and gives you a complicated statement at the end of the month.
We turn every credit/debit card transaction into an insight and an opportunity. We unlock the customer payment data that Visa and MasterCard have been hoarding for their own rewards programs, and expose it to you to engage your customers.
When you compare Invisible Insights with other services, the choice is a no brainer.

Do you work with merchant’s outside of the U.S?

At this time, Invisible Insights only works with merchants within the U.S. We do have
plans in the near future to expand to other countries and territories.

Want to see it in action?

Previously unknowable
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