Customer Insights

See for the month how many customers were new vs
repeat, as a percentage, compared to the last month—
a valuable statistic, not available until now.

See a list of all your customers. Rank your top 100 by
total spend, avg. spend, number of visits, and recency.

View a detailed list of transactions, loyalty milestones,
and marketing campaigns, that give you insight into
what motivates your repeat business.

This valuable info can help you decide if a loyalty
program is something you should consider, or if you
should focus on bringing in new customers.

Menu Insights

Which menu item(s) is responsible for turning the
highest % of new customers into repeat customers
—a previously unknowable statistic.

On the flipside, which item turns the least number of
new customers into repeat customers? It may be time
to work on its quality or remove from the menu.

How would changing the price of margaritas impact
your profits? Find out with a simple view of your menu
items by popularity.

Our Magic Quadrant shows you in a single view, which
menu items bring the most people back. Scroll over
individual items to see detailed performance stats
including sales totals.

Use this data to coach your servers to push the “Hidden
Gems”—items that have a high rate of retention, but
you don’t sell a lot of.

Server Insights

Who are my top servers, measured by sales,
% tips earned, customer retention or table turn?

Which server turns the highest % of new customers
into repeat customers—a statistic that you
could never know…until now.

Compare sales averages for a single server against
team averages to pinpoint top performers.

Create a leaderboard and inspire your staff to improve
through healthy competition. Reward those who have
consistently positive numbers.

See all of these key performance indicators in an easy-
to-view scorecard. Use this data to coach your staff to
increased productivity and sales growth for your
business, one great dining experience at a time.

“Nothing stimulates, and motivates people quite like a leaderboard”


Sales & Marketing Insights

See a daily breakdown of new vs. repeat customer sales
and the percentage increase or decrease.

Track the repeat visits and sales from customers that
were first-time visitors during a specific event or
marketing campaign.

For the first time, understand the true sales and revenue impact of your marketing campaigns
and special events, down to the penny.

Easily setup and track a marketing campaign or event.
Just pick the start and end time, and we do the rest.

Our daily journal gives you a day-by-day view of your
entire business to see what things impacted sales.

“What gets measured, gets managed”

-Peter Drucker, the founder of modern management

Your restaurant’s presence in social media has never been more
important. One bad review handled improperly could mean
tens of thousands of dollars in lost business for your restaurant.

See everything being said about your business all in one place.
We monitor the most important review sites including Yelp,
Google, Open Table and TripAdvisor

Protect your reputation—Your customers are already sharing
thoughts online by posting, liking and reviewing businesses like
yours. Catch issues before they potentially damage your brand.

Customer Service—Finding guest problems and offering a
resolution will go a long way in improving retention. Uncover
immediate opportunities for operational improvement.

Compare your restaurant’s performance to your closest
competitors. Know more about your competitors than they
often know about themselves.

See how a one-star increase in Yelp, may translate into a 9% increase in revenue. >>

Your customers credit cards are now loyalty cards!

There are no plastic cards, punch cards or mobile apps.
And there is no POS integration to track purchases.

You setup your rewards once, and we handle the rest.

Just pick the rewards you’d like to offer your customers.
We will automatically track which customers are
eligible, and apply rewards directly to their credit cards.

With the easy-to-use loyalty dashboard, you’ll be able
to effortlessly track how much money your loyalty
customers are bringing in, how often they visit, as well
as view what you are paying out in rewards.

You’ll have your own branded page so you can promote
your rewards and attract new customers. Customers
simply enter an email and link their credit or debit card.
From then on, they use their linked cards like normal.

We think our loyalty/rewards program is pretty great,
but it is completely optional. If you are happy with your
current program (or don’t have and don’t want one),
it is not necessary that you use ours.

Free In-Store Promotional Materials

We help you sign up your current customers so you can
begin engaging them immediately.

We offer free in-store promotional materials and can be
integrated directly into your Facebook and Twitter pages.

Drive traffic to your rewards-offer-sign-up page using a
variety of FREE promo materials that we provide.

FREE table tents and check-presenter inserts. Add an end of
the receipt trailer message. Customers can text
message to join.

Your Success Manager will help you determine the most
effective way to acquire customers into your program.

Simply define how you’d like to reward your customers, tell them
about it, and get back to running your business. We take care of the rest.

Previously unknowable
marketing insights, customer insights, server insights, menu insights, sales insights